About Tebo

Tebo Byggtillbehör develops and markets specialist products for professional craftsmen in building and industry. We offer a unique and innovative product portfolio. Our goal is to always deliver premium quality and our main strengths are innovative product development, high activity and outstanding service. We must live up to these principles in every encounter, every single day, and continue developing close to the market and our customers. Tebo Byggtillbehör is run by Martin Palmkvist and about 20 employees. The head office and warehouse are both in Rosersberg, north of Stockholm.

Tebo Byggtillbehör is a part of Byggtilbehørs Gruppen AS.



1973 –C-G Palmquist heard from an acquaintance that tile was set to become very popular in Sweden, but that the right tools and accessories were not available in the DIY market. Getting the right space between the tiles was a big problem, for example. The tip led to the development of the first product, the “kakelkryss” tile spacer, which was an overnight success. Byggtillbehör AB began with the development of the tile spacer and distributorships for products including a wire saw made by Remington Arms in the US. C-G, who was then a pilot, decided to stop flying and concentrate full-time on the business. The ceramic range was quickly expanded with products including notch trowels, mortar mixers and tile cutters, as well as a range of masonry tools.



Tebo Byggtillbehör AB develops and distributes high-quality products whose end users are both professionals and consumers. With in-house development, quality testing and quality documentation, we can carefully monitor and document that our products meet our customers’ standards – and our own.