Bjärnums Redskapsfabrik

Bjärnums Redskapsfabrik has been manufacturing and supplying tools for building, construction, gardening, farming and snow since 1880. The company has built up solid and hard-to-beat knowledge about and in relation to the trades over the years. Swedish steel, processed and hardened on-site is used for spades and shovels, and the handles for the products are turned from Danish ash and Swedish spruce. Bjärnums products represent top quality, which is communicated through their logo, where the bear symbolises the strength and force that the products are able to withstand.

Bjärnum - products
Aluminum blade for asphalt rake Aluminum blade for asphalt rake
Article no: 662506
Asphalt rake 1800 mm Asphalt rake 1800 mm
Article no: 662500
Bark iron with handle Bark iron with handle
Article no: 665090
Construction shovel 60K Construction shovel 60K
Article no: 660518
Digging shovel 11AY Digging shovel 11AY
Article no: 660009
Floor squeeze construction Floor squeeze construction
Article no: 665600
Garden brush with spike Garden brush with spike
Article no: 665063
Grain shovel A4300 Grain shovel A4300
Article no: 660557
Plastic rake P670 Plastic rake P670
Article no: 661048
Rake 16 pins S88 Rake 16 pins S88
Article no: 661007
Spare blade for bark iron Spare blade for bark iron
Article no: 665091
Wood blade for asphalt rake Wood blade for asphalt rake
Article no: 662503