Skimming blade ErgoFlex 600 mm

Article no: 881012
EAN: 7391142810125

Ergonomic and flexible skimming blade that is part of the ErgoFlex series. ErgoFlex has been developed for smoothing out fresh drywall compound with a perfect result. The serie also work very well while smoothing wet room foil.

Wide aluminum handle with low weight and a flexible blade of 0,3 mm stainless steel. Can be used with a two-handed grip or together with the ErgoFlex Adapter and Handle. The blade's rounded design minimizes or eliminates lap marks when you are smoothing out large areas. The end cap of the handle can easily be removed when the blade needs to be changed or cleaned.

Accessories for Skimming blade ErgoFlex 600 mm:

Adapter ErgoFlex Adapter ErgoFlex
Article no: 881015
brand--4373568 availableinstock
Handle ErgoFlex 930-1430 mm Handle ErgoFlex 930-1430 mm
Article no: 881016
brand--4373568 availableinstock
Replacement blade ErgoFlex 600 mm Replacement blade ErgoFlex 600 mm
Article no: 881019
brand--4373568 availableinstock


Blade thickness
0,3 mm
Weight (g)
910 g
600 mm